In commemoration of NCKU’s 90th anniversary, we proudly present

National Cheng Kung University
90th Anniversary Matsu Kaoliang Liquor

Mirroring National Cheng Kung University’s rich accumulation and development over the past 90 years, Matsu Distillery’s 15-year-old Kaoliang Liquor has been slowly tunnel-aged and refined to tasteful perfection. Furthermore, it celebrates the success of the University’s projects with Matsu Islands to synergize cutting edge research and development resources with their rich cultural heritage—a new chapter in the university’s dedication to social responsibility.

Rising from the Battlefield


Reborn and Transformed

Spurred by the themes of the 90th Anniversary celebration, NCKU launched a series of projects with Matsu in 2020. These projects included inviting renowned Taiwanese architects to reimagine Matsu’s historical battlefield sites, building Matsu’s brand image, and artistic and cultural upgrades to the Matsu Folklore Cultural Museum. In cooperation with Matsu Distillery, National Cheng Kung University 90th Anniversary Kaoliang Liquor emerged from these projects as a way to both share the joy of the projects and as well as celebrate NCKU’s 90th Anniversary.
Photo: Eric Chen-F Hsieh

Concepts Behind the Design

through generations

Each ring around the bottle represents a year, with the full stack of 99 rings symbolizing the generational effort of teachers and students in shaping the university. The NCKU logo sits at the 1971 mark—the year in which “Provincial Cheng Kung University” evolved into “National Cheng Kung University”.

three different zoomed-in perspectives of the bottle's curved and ringed glass surface; details include the school logo, decade markers, and a number count on the bottom

Bound to NCKU’s history
and each other

The rings on the bottle’s body allow each alumni to highlight their own place within NCKU’s rich history. We encourage you to tie the red-string pendant around a year that is meaningful to you!

three photos showing the placement of the red-string pendant around the rings on the neck of the bottle

The need for sustainable development

Each bottle was manufactured from recovered glass in cooperation with Spring Glass Pool, a pioneer for the circular economy in Taiwan. By producing locally and using traditional craftsmanship, we can significantly reduce waste generated.


Images: Spring Pool Glass

Achieving for All, Donation in Return

(A) One Bottle, One Heart
For every NT$3,600 donation, 1 Bottle.
(B) Cheers in Celebration
For every NT$18,000 donated, 6 Bottles.
(C) Impact Enumerated
For every NT$20,000 donated, 1 Bottle with number reservation.
(C) Heaps of Good
For large donations*, and would only like a few Bottles.
* For donations over NT$500,000, please note the desired amount of Bottles in your submission.
To celebrate NCKU’s 90th, a limited quantity of 9,999 bottles have been produced and numbered, from ‘0001’ to ‘9999’.

(1) Fill in the online NCKU Donation Form to participate in the “NCKU 90 Impact Fund” activity.
(2) Each donation will only receive a single donation invoice.
(3) Donors choosing Option (C) will receive a call to confirm.

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